What if Shiba Hits The 1 Cent Price

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The 1-cent price remains a dream achievement for Shiba investors. Although it is still a long way, let’s talk about what if Shiba hits the 1 cent price?

So far, most Shiba investors would agree that it has outdone itself. Barely 2 years since its creation, it has already managed to make big market statements. Some of these include getting over 1.2 million investors and becoming among the top coins in market valuation.

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Although it is trading at 80% lower than its all-time high, there is still hope in the market it will rise again and probably get to new highs.

What if Shiba Hits The 1 Cent Price

A 1 cent Shiba would be a welcome party for the Shiba army fraternity. This is a loyal group of Shiba coin supporters that would become instant millionaires.

Although the coin has already made the early investors big rewards, a 1 cent milestone would be a bigger welcome. The group name would probably change to Shiba army millionaires.

This milestone would also make Shiba a $5 trillion coin in market cap, in today’s value, it would be the third largest economy in the world. The valuation is because the coin has a current supply of 569 trillion.

Such an achievement would be one of the largest wealth creations in history. Getting to this amount of value requires the coin t have mass adoption. This entails having real-life uses and active users to drive the value.

There is also a high chance that such an amount of value would attract regulators striving to get some part of the pie.  Among the areas regulators would be interested in is protecting the investors’ funds and taxation.


It is critical to note that this is just a hypothetical scenario as the coin is still far from the 1-cent value. However, this should not rule out it can’t happen.

With good demand and value addition, everything is possible in the cryptocurrency market.