• How to start a financial blog

    How to Start a Financial Blog/ Financial Blogging for Beginners

    What is a financial blog? A financial blog is a website that caters specifically to the finance niche. It could be a finance blog in general or it could be further niched down e.g Financial Blog For moms or students or young adults. Is it the same as a personal finance blog? Well, yes and no. A personal finance blog is a financial blog but not all financial blogs are personal finance blogs. So we could say a personal finance blog is a niche within financial blogging. How do you start a financial blog? The first thing that you need to do is to find out what you would like…

  • side hustles
    Personal Finance

    5 Side Hustles to Make Extra Money From Home

    Everybody wants to make some extra cash whether it is through side hustles or an extra job. Because the cost of living keeps growing, it becomes a little hard to survive with just your income.  Right now, unemployment levels are at the highest. Most businesses are downsizing or shutting down completely and no one knows for sure if some of these businesses will get back on their feet. Other employees have taken major pay cuts because times are hard for everyone right now. That being said, a lot of people right now are looking for other ways to earn an income or some extra cash. Starting a business from scratch…