Shibarium: The Key to Getting Price of Shiba Coin to $0.01

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Shibarium has only been existing theoretically. However, it is an idea that could change the fortunes of the Shiba Inu coin.

Shiba developers claim Shibarium will be a fully owned blockchain running on the existing Ethereum network known as a layer two blockchain.

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It will allow Shiba to act independently void some of the challenges that exist with the Ethereum network such as high gas fees.

Having your network also increases innovations and product offerings. This is one of the reasons why Ethereum has been successful in the market. With its blockchain, other partners can run on it at the benefit of Ethereum.

What is Shiba Inu Coin?

Shiba Inu Coin is a decentralized currency that supports peer-to-peer transactions. It runs on the Ethereum network. Currently, the coin is among the 20 largest cryptocurrencies in the market with a circulating supply in excess of 500 trillion.

The coin is currently trading at $0. 000034. This is a 60% drop from its previous high in October. It was launched in 2020 and has over 1 million investors. Most people refer to the coin as the dogecoin Killer.

This is due to their similarities and the fact both are named after a famous Japanese dog name. Their initial lack of serious utilization has made investors refer to them as meme coins.

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Benefits of Shibarium

Several benefits will come with the creation of Shibarium. These include;

  • Ability to control the transaction fees
  • Acceleration of Innovation and product creation
  • Building a bigger partnership network.

High gas fees remain a challenge while using the Ethereum blockchain. Developing Shibarium will allow Shiba flexibility in managing its fees. Hence, attracting more investors and users.

Having its network allows Shiba to accelerate innovation. Currently, they have to work on the Ethereum platform limiting flexibility.

Finally, Shibarium will enable the network to grow its partnerships by allowing other parties access to the blockchain. This is similar to what Ethereum does.

These are key advantages that could assist grow the price of SHIB to the 1 cent mark.

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Launching of Shibarium

There is no given date when Shibarium will be live. However, there are expectations the platform could be ready in mid-2022.

This among other products such as Shiba Metaverse and coin burning will be key in driving the coins price to the $0.01 price. A sentimental price that most investors believe is possible.


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