Why Shiba Inu Remains a Millionaire Maker coin Despite the Recent Price Fall

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Referring to Shiba Inu as the millionaire maker coin is not a new concept. The coin has already made several millionaires with its explosive growth this year.

2021 has been a successful year for the coin with its market valuation hitting 35 billion dollars at its peak. The coin is also the 12th largest in the market making it among the prestigious coins such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Why Shiba Inu Could Become the Biggest Metaverse Disruptor in the Industry

Famously known as the dogecoin killer, Shiba continues to attract market attention with its huge price moves. During the recent rally, its price took a week to grow 5 times. After the recent listing by Kraken exchange, the price rose 30% in a day.

These are some of the reasons the Shiba Inu coin is a millionaire maker coin. Being a young coin, most investors believe the coin is yet to hit its full potential. Hence the room for growth remains.

1 Million Investors  

The millionaire maker Shiba coin now has over a million investors. This has been the news dominating the market in the last few days with the growth of investors mimicking its price.

It is now among the few coins with a million investors. Getting this number of investors was not a surprise due to the popularity the coin has been receiving recently.

Shiba Inu Kraken Listing is now a Reality, Robinhood is Next

From the recent surveys, the Shiba coin has been ranking among the topmost famous cryptocurrencies in the market. This narrative has been boosted by the now-famous Shiba support group known as the Shiba army.

With such an amount of support, the chances of it rising higher are increasing. Investors bring with them demand that is critical in supporting the price. This is the reason why Shiba has been among the leaders in trading volume on various trading platforms.

Shiba Gaming Metaverse Venture

Metaverse solutions are beginning to become a reality. For a long time, the metaverse concept has remained more on theory than reality. However, this is changing with several networks rushing to introduce metaverse solutions in the market.

Facebook is leading in the development of centralized metaverse with the recent announcement of changing its name to META. Shiba recently made an announcement it will be launching its decentralized metaverse games. These will be known as Shiboshis games.

Shiboshis is the term Shiba uses on its 10,000 NFTS that were launched in mid-October. By using these Shiboshis tokens to create Shiboshis games, Shiba believes it could be among the market leaders in this industry.

To the investors, this new venture will be key in boosting the coin’s price and potentially making them millionaires.

It is still early to estimate how the metaverse industry will evolve. However, most analysts are predicting this could be the future of some services such as gaming.

Shiba Inu Shiboshis NFT and Gaming Venture Will Propel its Price to $0.001

Shiba Inu Coin the Millionaire maker

Cryptocurrencies have become the new gold mines. Their growth in the last few years has been a phenomenon. However, becoming a millionaire from investing in them requires much more than hope.

Some factors such as the amount of investment capital, risk management, and market experience are critical in the millionaire’s journey.

As a young coin, the chances of Shiba growing remain high and hopefully, it will continue creating millionaires.


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