Why 2022 Will be a Shiba Inu Coin Year

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With 2021 being a successful year for Shiba Inu Coin, 2022 could even be better. This is the year the coin will turn 2 years since its launch in August 2020.

At the close of 2021, Shiba has become one of the largest cryptocurrencies with a market valuation averaging 20 billion dollars. This makes it among the top 20 currencies in market valuation.

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It also has over 1.1 million investors and is among the top 3 most famous cryptocurrencies in the market. These are some of the indicators the coin is heading for success this year.

As we get into 2022, several elements will be key in cementing the coin’s position among the best in the market. These include;

Shiba Gaming Metaverse

Last year, the network released its blueprint on the development of its first metaverse products known as Shiboshi games expected to join the market later this year.

Metaverse has become a popular technology with networks developing various metaverse products. Shiba is among the few decentralized networks creating metaverse solutions. The rest include examples such as Decentraland.

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The network plans to use its already existing Shiboshis Non-Fungible Tokens in the creation of the metaverse games.

As the metaverse industry grows, it is expected to be a key-value addition component for Shiba. With the expected 2022 launch, there is a high likelihood metaverse will be a key price driver for Shiba this year.

To show the importance of this development, Shiba has already hired a famous developer David Volk to lead the development of the Shiboshi Metaverse Games.


Shibarium is another Shiba development that is expected to go live this year. It is a layer 2 blockchain that Shiba is developing on top of the existing Ethereum layer 1.

Shibarium will enable Shiba to have its blockchain network. This is an advantage for the coin as it will facilitate increased innovation and product offering. It will also enable mitigation of challenges that come with the use of the Ethereum network such as high gas fees.

Although there is no exact launch date, most analysts expect this to go live by mid this year.  Shibarium will be a game changer for the coin as it will contribute immensely in its future both at the product and value level.

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Shiba Inu Coin 2022 Year

As we commence the year, Shiba’s successes are likely to continue with the 2021 momentum. New developments such as Shiba metaverse games and Shibarium will be some of the key drivers.

Although the coin is still in a consolidation state, there is a chance of a rally soon that will likely take it to its previous highs.


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