The Most likely Outcomes If You are a Shiba Inu Coin Investor

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Key Points

  • Not All Shiba Investor Will be Profitable
  • The Best Rewards Come to Those That are Patience

Investment in Cryptocurrencies has become the new gold rush. Leading the pack is the latest hot coin in the market known as Shiba Inu Coin.

The concept of cryptocurrencies came to light a decade ago when the first currency bitcoin came online. Initially, there was resistance in their acceptance and adoption as most investors thought it was just another Ponzi scheme.

What Needs to Happen for Shiba Inu Token Price to get to $0.01

However, after the realization of their potential, there are over 1 thousand cryptocurrencies in circulation currently whose market valuation exceeds 2 trillion dollars.

If cryptocurrencies were a country, it would in the top 10 biggest list by GDP.

This indicates how this market has grown in just one decade.

Investment or gambling ?

This crypto rush is attracting both investors and gamblers. Investors are more methodological and study the market fundamentals before making investment decisions. They manage risk, are patient, and know it takes time for the market to reward.

Gamblers are those traders that just find a coin trending on social media platforms and directly put in their money. They have extreme expectations such as expecting the coin to multiply 100x in a matter of weeks if not days.

Shiba has attracted both kinds of elements. With such a diverse customer group, the options are very narrow. There will be winners and losers.

Why You Should Not be Concerned by The Latest Fall in Shiba Inu Coin Price


This is the group of investors that are not overly optimistic and have at least some level of discipline. They understand this market is volatile and have a cautious approach in elements such as leverage.

Winners understand patience is the ultimate reward for investing in such markets. They are willing to wait as much as it takes to get the reward. They only commit funds they are willing to lose. In case of loss, this wouldn’t affect their lifestyle or working capital.


Losers invest in the coin because it was trending on Twitter or a famous influencer was talking about it.

They have no previous experience in trading and their patience is minimal. Already, they have plans underway on how to use the millions after the coin grows hundreds of times.

Moreover, they have put in all they have intending to make a quick kill. In case the market dips as it is doing now, they panic resulting in more emotional decisions that cause even more losses.

What it Means for Shiba Inu Coin After Surpassing 1 Million Holders

The outcome of Investing in Shiba Inu Coin

All investors usually have a similar goal. That is to make a profit. This is the same appeal across all markets such as forex, crypto, and stock.

However, there is always a level of risk you carry when you invest in these markets. This happens if the market goes against you.

Losses and profits are part of this game. What matters is to ensure the chances of making a profit exceed that of making losses.

As an example, any investor who bought Shiba token at its peak is now in losses. That is how this market works. It punishes some and rewards others.

Your role as an investor is to put your money only on the assets that you understand, manage your risks, and hope for some luck.


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