Shiba Inu Gaming Venture Could See its Price Rallying Again

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Shiba Inu coin is also known as the dogecoin killer recently announced plans to join the gaming world. This communication was done by the famous Shiba developer Shytoshi Kusama. Shytoshi has said Shiba is considering creating its gaming ecosystem focusing on growing the Shiba metaverse.

Why This is the Best time to Buy Shiba Inu Coin.

Soon after the announcement, Shiba announced hiring the legendary game developer David Volk to lead this project. Volk is the former vice president of Activision with over 30 years in the gaming industry. A leading gaming development company in the united states.

In his words, David Volk has stated that he is honored to be working with an amazing team to create one of the most amazing games in the world.

Why Venture into Gaming

Gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry with millions of customers across the world. Creating the game on a decentralized platform will allow millions of Shiba community and gaming fans access. It is also a step to revolutionize the industry.

These games known as Shiboshi games will generate revenues boosting the value of both SHIB and LEASH tokens. Shiboshis refers to the non-fungible tokens that ride on the Shiba Network.

The Shiba community is growing fast and the need for coin burning is becoming urgent. Venturing into the game is also part of the coin’s diversification strategy that will it more value and grow its customers.

What Effect Will it Have on the Coins Price?

Frankly, most of the coin investors at this point are more concerned about their investment growth. Hence any development that will assist in achieving this goal is welcome.

Venturing into gaming could have a positive impact on the coin’s price as they will attract more customers assisting in demand growth.

Don’t Let the Latest Shiba Inu Coin Dip Fool You, it could Rally 100% soon

The revenue generated from gaming will also be useful in reducing the amount of coin supply that is also critical in supporting the price.

Currently, this announcement hasn’t had much effect on the price as the coins fall continues but there are expectations this could change once the games are ready.

However, past Shiba product launch experience indicates successful market reception.  A Key example is the Shiboshis NFTS that were all taken up immediately after release.

Future of the Shiba Inu Coin

Shiba coin continues to evolve and is currently among the top 20 largest in the market. This indicates investors believe the coin has great potential and the ongoing developments can only make the coin rise further.

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