SHIBA is Getting Ready to Drop Another Zero by December.

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SHIBA has recently dropped a zero from its price resulting in a rise of over 300% within a matter of days. Since then, the price movement has taken a rest as is currently in a consolidation phase.

Most analysts believe the current rest is a temporary phase whereby the currency is gaining the right momentum to push it to a new all-time high. 

Although this is not a guarantee, there are positive leads that could enable this occurrence. Since the beginning of the year, SHIBA has already dropped several zeros. This has become a technical standard whereby SHIBA investors target to drop a zero at every price jump.

There are expectations the next zero may drop by the end of this year. Some of the reasons that could make this possible by December include;

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Trading platforms listing of SHIBA

SHIBA listing on trading platforms continues to gain pace. These platforms help make the asset available to potential investors. The very successful crypto assets such as Bitcoin are listed in the most popular trading platforms. Some of the platforms where it is available include;

  • Binance
  • KuCoin

To grow the list, there is an ongoing campaign to have SHIBA available on the Robinhood app. This is just an indicator there is a growing demand for the coin. Growth in demand is key in helping boost its price in the future.

Growing List of SHIBA Holders and Investors

The number of investors in the coin is growing by the day. Started just over a year ago, Shiba currently boasts of more than 700,000 thousand holders. This huge number of investors is a confidence vote that the coin is market-ready and attractive.

Recent statistics in some social media platforms such as Twitter indicate that SHIBA is in the top 3 list of the most famous cryptos.

These are signs that the coin is getting more attention and could attract more investors going forward. An increase in demand will be key in helping it drop another zero through price gain.

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Innovations and Value Addition

SHIBA network is on a consistent update to make it more attractive and marketable. In achieving this milestone, SHIBA creators have created several platforms and products. These include the

ShibaSwap Platform

This is a platform that allows transactions of the SHIBA network. Through ShibaSwap, you can perform functions such as

  • Coin Swapping
  • Coin staking

Some of the products available on ShibaSwap include

  • Leash
  • Bone
  • SHIB

Shiboshis NFT

SHIBA has recently joined the NFT space by launching its pioneer NFT assets. This includes a list of 10,000 NFT digital assets known as SHIBOSHIS.

The launch is considered a success as all the first batch NFTS was fully taken. It comes at a time when the NFT market is gaining growth momentum.

NFT is a new concept the involves transaction of digital assets through the use of blockchain capabilities. The leading NFT network is Ethereum through which SHIB is also based.

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These actions and innovations are geared towards growing the value of SHIB helping boost its price. Most of them are already functional and hence will possibly help on dropping a zero by this December.

Although it is not a guarantee, Most SHIBA investors are optimistic that the coin is currently undervalued and could continue gaining in the future.


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