Is There a Possibility of Ethereum Price Hitting $10,000 in The Near Future?

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There have been numerous conversations on whether the price of Ethereum will get to $10,000. Although this is a futuristic discussion, we can use both the precious and current price movements to gauge if the $10,000 price is a possibility.

Ethereum has been in existence since the year 2014. Over the years, its price has shot to hit the highs of $4,000. It also occupies the second position after bitcoin in terms of market valuation. This price movement gives signals there is more to come in the future. The $10,000 price tag is a sentimental value every investor is looking forward to. However, it remains to be seen whether it will become a reality. In understanding how far its price will get, we must evaluate some of the micro and macro factors that drive cryptocurrency prices.



As a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is among the more than one thousand existing. These are virtual currencies developed on the blockchain network. Cryptocurrencies have been marketed as the alternative to the traditional Fiat currencies and are slowly getting their place in the global monetary system.

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Although they are meant to play the role of money, most of the users treat them as investment assets. This is the key reason why pricing remains critical and interesting. This year, their prices have risen to the highest levels ever leading the total crypto industry to exceed $2 trillion for the first time in history.

Among the leaders of this market growth is Ethereum. Currently ranked second in market valuation.

To understand if the price of Ethereum will hit the $10,000 mark, let us evaluate key factors behind its price drive.

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Uses of Ethereum

There is a close relationship between the success of a cryptocurrency and its real-life uses. The more uses and acceptability a cryptocurrency has, the higher the chances of growing in price.  Ethereum is among the cryptocurrencies with the most real-life uses.

This is possible because it has positioned itself as a platform offering blockchain solutions. A strength that the majority of its peers lack. Blockchain is the technology used to create cryptocurrencies. Other than this, it has capabilities to create other solutions including;

  • Non-fungible tokens
  • Decentralized Finance

Some of these solutions have already been developed and deployed on the Ethereum network successfully. Combinations of these uses with its cryptocurrency “ETHER” give Ethereum a higher value proposition. This diversification in usage has improved its adaptability and given it capabilities of reaching a wider market. As an example, Investors in decentralized finance are different from Non-fungible tokens.

This is one of the drivers I believe will be key in helping Ethereum get to the $10,000 mark

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Regulatory activity on cryptocurrencies is picking up as they grow in popularity. Regulator responses have been mixed depending on the country. Regulations have a direct impact on the prices. Hence, it is a critical factor in determining if the price of Ethereum will hit the $10,000 mark. Some countries have banned in totality their usage and development. However, Ethereum seems to attract less regulatory attention in comparison to peers due to its ability to adapt.

One of its uses in the development of non-fungible tokens is getting government support. This is because the solution is helping develop the art industry. NFT concept creates a platform whereby art creators can sell their creations easily. It eliminates the traditional middlemen challenges.

A $10,000 Ethereum price tag depends on regulatory actions in the future. There is a high probability some governments will embrace and support some of its uses. This will boost Ethereum’s credibility and acceptability helping to drive its prices higher.


Supply refers to the number of cryptocurrencies available in the market. As a direct component affecting price, the supply of Ethereum will is key in determining how far the price can reach. In the free market, price is a derivative of the demand and supply forces. If there is an increase in demand with less supply, prices rise. In vice versa, an increase in supply with little demand causes the prices to fall.

An example of how supply affects the price of a cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Due to the capping of supply and increasing demand, the prices of bitcoin have kept rising over the years to hit over $60,000 (The highest price ever of a cryptocurrency). Currently, Ethereum has no hard cap like bitcoin. Instead, it has a yearly cap set at 18 million coins.

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Supply Change

lack of capping means there could be an endless supply of Ethereum in the market. This is a barrier towards the price getting to the $10,000. However, there are discussions underway to introduce supply caps. This suggestion has been fronted severally by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik. Initially, he suggested a cap of 120 million coins. However, he has since adjusted that figure to 144 million coins.

A cap on the supply of Ethereum will assist boost the price. An increase in price means more rewards for miners and investors. This in return will attract investments and innovation in the Ethereum blockchain helping push the prices further up.


These are some of the key factors that hold the key for Ethereum getting to the $10,000 price. Its highest price so far has been $4,300. A huge milestone considering it took less than one year to get there from the lows of $300.


Cryptocurrency prices are very erratic. This presence of high volatility makes it possible for prices to move huge margins within a very short time.

The price of Ethereum also correlates with the happening in the wider cryptocurrency market. As an example, there is a high chance that if the price of bitcoin starts climbing, the price of Ethereum will also go up.

Some analysts believe there is a likelihood of Ethereum displacing bitcoin from the core position. This prediction is based on a comparison of their fundamentals. If this happens, it could propel the prices of Ethereum skyrocketing past the $10,000 mark.

Blockchain solutions

Blockchain solutions are also getting attention from various industries. This is a good vote for Ethereum as a front-runner in providing these solutions. As the industry grows, Ethereum is likely to play a bigger as more players adopt its technology. In return, this will assist boost its price probably past the $10,000 mark.

Based on these factors, the price of Ethereum is likely to top $10,000 price soon as most of the fundamentals and technical factors are in support.


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