Buy Ethereum If You Want A Coin That Will Give You 100% Return in The Next Few Months

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Ethereum is not new in the cryptocurrency market. It is probably one of the most famous and largest in the market. It only comes second after bitcoin. With a market value exceeding 500 billion dollars, Ethereum remains investors’ favorite.

You Should Buy Ethereum Now to Become A Millionaire in The Next 5 Years

Launched in 2014, Ethereum has evolved over the years to position itself among the most innovative and versatile coins in the market. Although the list of competitors is growing, Ethereum’s lead is visible and could take years to beat.

Why Ethereum is a Strategic investment

The reason why predictions indicate Ethereum could rally up to 100% soon is because of its strategic potential. It has the market leadership in some critical areas such as;

These already represent some of the best innovations in the market on the blockchain platform. As their uses deepen, this will impact the price of Ethereum positively helping it to grow.

Why Bitcoin Getting to $100,000 is Inevitable

Some of these functionalities such as the non-fungible token market are growing tremendously. The idea of transacting digital assets is attracting millions of dollars worth of transactions daily.

Ethereum competitors have also taken note and are developing their solutions as well to remain competitive and relevant.

Ether Coin Burning

Ethereum has one of the most robust coin-burning strategies in the market. This is focusing on maintaining the value of the coin through reduction of supply.

Because it doesn’t have a hard cap such as the one in Bitcoin, Ethereum’s strategy is to burn coins to remain deflationary.

It will help in boosting the coin’s price due to a reduction in supply and increasing demand. Currently, over 4 Billion dollars worth of Ethereum coins has been burnt. This is by far the highest amount of coin burn in the market.

As this accelerates, the price of Ether is starting to reverse from the ongoing market selling momentum. Some analysts predict this coming rally could see the doubling of Ethereum’s price.

Ethereum Strategy to End Coin Mining

The latest update done on the its network focuses on shifting the creation of new Ether coins from mining to staking. This comes after campaigns against mining due to the huge amount of energy needed for the process.

Activists argue that miners are turning to unclean sources of energy in result contributing to the increase of global carbon print.

This shift will earn the coin more support hence attracting more buyers in the push to support clean energy cryptocurrency mining. As an investor, this is a signal the price could rally in the future presenting the right opportunity to buy.

Future Price of Ethereum

Some analysts believe Ether is trading on discounts based the argument on the number of utilities it offers. There is market optimism the coin could soon hit the $10,000 per coin price in the next rally.

If this happens, current investors would see their investment doubling and probably more. Some analysts argue that it is just a matter of time before the coin takes market leadership from bitcoin.

Basing the argument on these factors, it is clear Ethereum has one of the best value propositions in the market.


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