6 Best Tools You Need For Quality Content Creation

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Content creation is all about creating quality content that attracts and impresses your audience. It involves taking time to research and produce quality content continuously.

To achieve massive results in content creation, there are various content creation tools designed to make it easier for you. These tools are required when it comes to running successful content, whether it be in video or in text form.

In this article, I will focus on the best tools for content creation that I personally use and believe are all essential in creating great content and driving a successful blog.

  1. Writing tools

There are numerous tools out there that are meant to help with the writing aspect of blogging. Most of these tools serve different purposes or are all-in-one tools that content creators can use to help with their content creation.

One of the tools that I personally use is Grammarly. It offers checks such as spelling mistakes, the wordiness of the sentences, plagiarism checks, and auto-correction. It can even check the tone of an article!

They have an online version and a Chrome extension as well. I access the free version of this tool which I have found to be quite sufficient for my articles. 

Another one that is a bit similar to Grammarly is the Hemingway Editor which helps to check on the content flow and to improve readability. These tools are important because if your content is not readable, your bounce rate will be high and that is not good for your website.


2. Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social media is a critical space for content creators to promote and market their content. For this reason, as a content creator, you have to maintain regular updates on your social media platforms to maintain consistency and improve engagement.

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One challenge that comes with content creation and posting on social media is that it takes a lot of time. Sometimes we might forget to post or miss the optimal times for posting. 

Also, posting frequently, updating your status, pinning on Pinterest, adding stories to Instagram, and still engaging your audience is quite a tedious task (not to mention it can mean spending numerous hours on social media).

That is now where Social Media Scheduling tools come in. These tools help to automate the process. One of the tools that I use is Later.

This tool allows the scheduling of posts on various social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Later has a calendar that allows for a drag and drop function for quick and easy scheduling.

It also gives posts and hashtag suggestions. A free forever plan is available but it limits the user to 30 posts per month on only one social media platform.

Others that work just like Later include Planoly, Hootsuite, and Tweetdeck for Twitter. These tools ensure that your social sites are active and your clients are always entertained with frequent and consistent content posting.

You just need to give prior instructions and the posts will be automatically updated. The only downside to most of these tools is that they do not automatically respond to comments or post to stories.

Some of them allow manual posting of stories which means you can plan ahead for all your stories but you will have to post them manually.

It also means that you have to go back to social media and engage your audience by replying to comments and such (don’t automate this process, it can actually kill your reach and engagement if you do so).

Other inbuilt scheduling features on YouTube and WordPress also exist. You can actually plan out all your content and schedule them for the day and time you would like them posted.

This is great if you want to go on a break or vacation but still want to keep your audience entertained. Just schedule away!

3. SEO Marketing Tools
Search Engine Optimization is the process of growing the quality and quantity of your content’s traffic by growing its visibility online to other web users.

It improves the ranking of your blog enabling more readers to find it easily. More traffic on your page is important if you would like to raise awareness on something and/or if you want to commercialize your content.

Some of the factors considered when optimizing content include content quality and keyword searches. You do not need to pay for any SEO optimization tools.

For instance, the Google Search Console is a free and easily accessible tool that helps increase your search traffic by giving you ideas and data about your site that will in turn help to improve it.

Another great tool is the KWfinder that helps to find long-tail keywords with low competition through doing analysis on backlinks and the search engine results page. Ubersuggest also is a great tool to find great low competition keywords.

It also helps you find great content ideas and also see what keywords your competition is ranking for. Google Trends is another neat tool to help in finding out trends in the world or in your area.

This tool helps in doing market research in case you are wondering what niche to venture into or if you are wondering whether a certain niche is good.

4. Webhosting Tools
Webhosting solutions are essential for any blogger as it allows you use their website services to reach your audience. Without a good WebHost, your blog would not be up and running.

Webhosting comes at a cost so it is important to do your research before choosing a host. Services offered through Webhosting include providing domain names, website building, storage space provision, web migration, and also web backup.

One of the best Webhosting service providers out there is Blue Host. Blue host is among the most affordable web hosting platforms out there and is very beginner-friendly.

They offer a free domain for one year. They also have 24/7 customer service support which is quite vital with any hosting platform.

Blue Host has a one-click WordPress install which makes everything easier (If you’re not a techie you understand how this is important). Other great platforms are Siteground and Wix.

Siteground is also a great platform with an array of different functions suitable for any type of user. It is quite a stable platform with great speed and functionality.

They also have beginner-friendly features and 24/7 support if need be. Wix is a website builder that allows the user to build their own website from scratch. And no, (I know what your thinking) it’s not difficult to do this.

Wix has actually made the process very simple and user-friendly so anyone can actually build their own websites to their own liking. This is mostly for those people out there who would like their websites in a specific kind of way without any dictated theme.

5. Internet marketing tools
As the online presence deepens, it is important that content creators strive to maintain an edge in the market. This calls for strategic and sustained marketing campaigns that ensure as many people as possible can access your content. 

One of the best ways to market your content is through harnessing online marketing tools such as email marketing tools. These tools help in simplifying the marketing process and ensuring your content is highly accessible.

Email Marketing helps in gaining a loyal audience with which you can constantly market and share content. Some of the top tools that assist with email marketing include Aweber.

Aweber offers email marketing solutions that are great for all businesses especially if yours is a small business. They have great email template designs and automation processes to suit your needs.

Furthermore, their customer service is top-notch and they really make you feel valued as a customer. They have a 30-day free trial so I would urge you to jump on that one.

Another great email marketing system is Active Campaign. Like Aweber, this one has email marketing solutions tailor-made for your specific needs.

Active campaign works with user segmentation based on actions, behavior, location, and social data. This means that your campaigns are easily targeted to the right audience increasing chances for conversions.

6. Basic Design Tools
It is quite evident that most people are visual beings and we tend to engage more with that which attracts our eyes. It is necessary for content creators to ensure their content is attractive to look at.

Giving your content a visual lift is important when trying to grab your audience’s attention. This will create a great first impression that will lead to building a loyal audience.

In doing this, you will need some simple tools (because we are not trying to learn graphic design overnight) that will help you give your content some personality.

These content creation tools will help you choose suitable images, thumbnails or videos for your content. They will also help in editing adding some color, theme, or cool fonts to your content.

Canva is one of the best tools out there of any content creator. It has templates for literally anything and everything out there. From Facebook posts, Instagram stories, ads, blog banners, YouTube thumbnails, you name it.

And here’s the good part, they have a free forever plan which is just good enough for some light designing. But if you would like an unlimited access to a variety of their templates, you can try their pro version.

Another great tool is Placeit. Placeit is a mock-up generation tool for designers but it also allows you to create awesome logos and videos as well.

If you are promoting branding content or selling your own products, then Placeit will come a long way in helping you generate mockups for your products.

They have a free plan but just like canva, it will only allow for a limited number of designs. Still, this is good enough for starters. Other great sites that you can use for content enhancement include pexels and Pixabay.

They are really good sites to get royalty free quality pictures for your site or content.

So, which tool stood out most for you? Which one are you already using? Let me know in the comments below.


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