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5 Money Saving Apps That You Need

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Money-saving apps have become one of the most important apps people need today. Setting aside some money every time we make an income has always been a challenge for many of us.

Income can be in form of wages, salary, profits, or rewards. When we set money aside for future purposes or emergencies, we are performing a very crucial act called saving.

It is critical to have some money put aside in case of an unexpected emergency or just for spending with ease in the future (maybe that luxury cruise you’ve been dreaming of ?).

Savings come in quite handy when unforeseen events, such as losing your job, occur. Having some savings can be the bridge between survival and poverty.

Today, most people still find it very difficult to grow their savings despite being aware of the importance. Lack of a savings culture has left the majority of people exposed when their regular income streams dry up.

They are instead forced to drown in debt for survival. And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s really hard to remove a chunk of money from your earnings and store it away when all you want to do is spend it! (Remember that luxury cruise?)

Some of us start the journey quite well, but along the way, the spending bug gets to us. Developing savings discipline needs us to develop a budget and regularly review it.

It helps keep you in control of the expenditure vis-a-vie the income. One good way to keep a tab of your expenditure if you are disciplined is by using a credit card.

Some credit cards have cash-back deals and other benefits as well. To save, you must consume less than you make. It also means spending wisely.

That means riding on cashback deals, coupons, sales, and offers. This article here explains how you can use credit cards wisely and save yourself a lot of hassle and money as well.

Another way of keeping up with expenditure is by saving money with apps. In this article, I have compiled a list of five money-saving apps that can help you in managing and growing your savings.

These are the best money-saving apps that can also help you to develop the will and discipline to keep saving.

1. 30 Days Savings App

This app is suitable for those who want to work with a 30-day saving timeline. It works like a piggy bank guiding on the daily amount target.

It works on the idea that setting some small amount goal every day will end up sizeable after 30 days. The app is suitable across age groups and helps instill discipline.

This money-saving app is great for beginners because it has a short time span for saving. If you manage to get it correct for 30 days and meet your goal, then you can advance to longer timeframes savings plan.

The app is compatible with all devices and is available on Google Playstore. As of the time I was writing this article, the only drawback that I found with the app was that they did not have all currencies integrated.

This can make it harder for people who do not find their currencies there. However, this is still a great app despite the drawback.

2. Savings Tracker
Savings tracker is a money-saving app designed to help with financial planning. It is suitable for all ages and is accessible in multiple languages.

savings tracker

Savings Tracker assists to set goals, offers frequent reminders and progress reviews, and is designed to assist in growing savings over a period of time.

Furthermore, you are also able to set your own timelines as need be. The app also offers frequent learning materials and is accessible even when offline which is a huge plus.

The only drawback to this app (which is a major one), is that it is only available on the Microsoft app store and is compatible with only Windows 8 devices.

3. 52 Weeks Money Challenge
At the beginning of every year (well, recent years), you might have heard people talk about the 52 weeks challenge. It entails embarking on a 52-week savings approach where one is supposed to incrementally grow their savings.

52 week challenge

This concept has been made easier by this money-saving app whereby it details the saving targets week by week and offers frequent reminders to avoid skipping out.

A key feature of the app is the ability to customize your year. This means that you do not need to start in January and end in December as per the calendar. You can start the challenge any time of the year.

The app also allows you to define the currency in which they would like to save. I find this money-saving app more suitable for anyone who has mastered the 30 days saving cycle.

With discipline, you can graduate for a longer period. It will also challenge you to cut back on spending so that you can save more. The 52 Weeks Money Challenge is available for both Android and iOS users.

4. Spending Tracker

This is a good money management app that allows you to capture the expenditure and match it to income. When we are disciplined in spending our money it means that we have more left for saving.

spending tracker

I highly recommend this money-saving app to anyone who is struggling to monitor or cut back on expenditure and wants to achieve a successful savings journey. The app allows you access to regular reports and is free on the app play store.

5. Monefy
Finally, (I saved the best for last) this is by far my favorite money management app. We all know that savings are an aspect of budgeting that helps us plan on income and expenditure.


It is clear that most of our costs are fixed. Rent, food, fuel, and entertainment are some costs that everybody incurs on regular basis. The good thing about these costs is that they are predictable making it easy to budget.

Not only does Monefy help in tracking expenditure, but it can also help in budgeting with its budgeting feature. The money-saving app has different currencies and also allows you to add a payment card (so we are working with real-time figures). These are some of the apps you can try based on your savings goals.

Remember, an optimal savings plan requires discipline. This means that you have to constantly practice in order to achieve the best results. Most importantly, just start!

I’m curious, do you save or are you just getting by? If you do what tools or apps do you use? Are they working? Let me know in the comments section below.